Benefits of Hiring Temporary Workers

Temporary work is beneficial to both the employer and the potential employee, it can provide short-term relief for skills shortages and allow flexibility for the employee. As a Temporary and Fixed Term Contract Recruitment Consultant here at Jackson Hogg, I have seen the growth in the temporary market skyrocket since the first lockdown in March 2020. Hiring temporary workers can be a huge benefit to your company, here are some of the reasons why hiring temporary workers might be right for you.


Quick turnaround

Recruiting someone into your team who can pick up the work when you need it most, with an immediate impact to increase productivity. We all have a busy time of year where stress levels are high through the demands of our clients. Temporary workers are waiting and raring to go at any given time of the year to fill in the space for just the amount of time you need them.


They enable your business to avoid losing any productivity

Many businesses have been in the position where there have been sudden absences, illnesses or even resignations which immediately can and will affect your productivity. Hiring a temporary worker will ensure that any planned projects go ahead as normal whilst supporting your business fluctuations and ensuring that other roles aren’t disrupted because of this.


Flexible working

Now more than ever, flexible working arrangements are becoming more popular. Hiring a temporary worker is just another great way of offering flexibility within your business therefore providing an efficient workplace and offering different but exciting opportunities to employees and employers. Temp workers are well experienced in being able to adapt to many different situations and the demands of any given job. This might mean unusual working shifts on weekends or national holidays as well as unusual working hours on any given day that need to be tended to. In effect, this can be much more cost-effective and time efficient for the productivity of your trade, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to covering the scope of your working output.


Temporary to permanent employment

Depending on your requirements, you can employ a temporary worker on an ad-hoc basis, a specified short-term basis or even a long-term basis.

If you have had a sudden resignation within the business, hiring a temporary worker is a great way to ensure that no work falls behind and you can continue searching for a permanent candidate. Or maybe you will look to offer the temporary candidate that role?

In many cases, some businesses will decide to recruit candidates on a temporary to permanent basis which is an excellent cost-efficient way to test their skills and abilities in the required role before committing to offering them an immediate permanent position.


Saving you time and money

The introductory fee percentage for hiring a temporary worker is usually lower than when hiring on a permanent basis and therefore is much more cost-effective for businesses and is extremely popular with many more of our clients.

Jackson Hogg will act as the temporary workers employer which means we are responsible for the recruitment process from start to finish which includes screening, testing, setting up interviews and placing the candidates in those roles. We carefully interview each applicant to match them to the right assignment based on their skills and experience, saving you time and money. We also manage all the financial side in terms of payroll expenses.


A new outlook

The culture of a workplace can become stale, routine, and uninventive. The introduction of a temp worker who has experience in many different areas can offer a fresh perspective on your work no matter what the position.


Acquire a specialist

Short-term workers can be particularly useful when you need a person to fill a role with specialist skills. One of your most valuable employees may have to leave their position for a short while due to many reasons, such as: maternity leave, illness, or a travelling assignment. A specialist temp worker can fill in vital positions that need to be occupied, especially in peak periods of your business when you need an extra helping hand. Then as part of their contract, the service of the interim worker is completed without the need for continuation when the period of their work is over – very convenient!


Temporary workers can be a massive asset to your company from the flexibility, time, and cost-saving, they can massively improve the productivity of your company. It is worth considering whether a short-term contract could be beneficial to your business.