Female Candidates Will Break The Tech Mould

It is no secret that the digital sector is dominated by white males, and the Tech London Advocates (TLA) protest demonstrates why we must see more variety in candidates (“Tech companies lambasted over diversity record”, last week).

Quotas should always be the last resort, but they are sometimes necessary, if only to encourage businesses not always to interview and hire the same type of candidate.

As a recruiter specialising in technology, manufacturing and engineering, I have seen a significant increase in female candidates applying for and being hired in senior positions — not due to gender, but because they are the right person for the job.

Every sector can benefit from a fresh perspective in terms of gender, geographical location, level of education or race, and this should be embraced. If this is the “new normal”, there will be no need for quotas, as a balance will be achieved organically.

This letter was originally printed in The Sunday Times on the 25th November 2018. The full article can be found here.