How to Ace Your Technical Interview

For the majority of the roles operations recruit for and the bulk of hands on, technical positions, a test of knowledge, capability and understanding is often conducted to simply confirm the skills they have and their real world abilities. This can be done via a formal skills test on a dummy rig or pre-set inhouse piece of equipment such as a line trial, a written or verbal aptitude test or simply discussing scenarios or examples during the interview. 

If you are not aware this is going to happen, it can take you off guard or by surprise but can be used to make you think on your feet and gauge your reaction or response to the problem. If faced with some form of technical test or assessment, these tips should help: 

  1. Most questions are based around the how you solve the problem just as much as resolving the fault itself. Be conscious of reading the problem and running through the variables before acting accordingly.
  2. Any question asked, reply with a brief overview of the how and why as well as the answer. Keep it to the point, they don’t need the history of electricity, but they do need a little bit more than a one-word answer.
  3. It’s assumed that you have some general or generic knowledge of the given technical query you are being asked. If you don’t know the exact answer, give examples of situations that you have faced that seem similar. You may not have used their exact equipment, but the process of fault rectification may be very similar to other equipment you could have used. 4.
  4. Do your research on the company before hand and brush up on specific technical  information relevant to them. For example, Plastics companies may have thermoforming processes you have never seen before, or food companies may have certain maintenance procedures or problems you have never encountered before. 
  5. Be honest. If you fake it or lie, likelihood is you will be caught out. Being open and honest about what you can do and what you have done and potential similarities gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your existing skills and the opportunity for you to learn on the go. 

Technical interviews shouldn’t be feared and give you as a candidate and excellent opportunity to showcase and demonstrate your capabilities, potentially giving you the edge over other candidates. If you are looking for a new opportunity and need advice on getting the best out of your technical skills at interview, get in touch with us today.