Top 5 Tips for Job Searching

Job-searching isn’t an every day experience for most, and its easy to forget the best way to go about things when the time comes. In this blog, I’ll go through some top tips to make your next job search more effective. 

  1. Be on LinkedIn – With LinkedIn being a main way of recruiting, we at Jackson Hogg use Linkedin as one of our main sources for recruiting, with over 90% of other recruiting companies following the same process. If you are on Linkedin, you need to not only be the platform, but you also need to be using it to your full advantage with it being up-to-date and active. Therefore, if you don’t have an account, you basically don’t exist to many employers. 
  2. Set up daily alerts – Never see your job search as a one-day task. Although it might seem more convenient to just dedicate a few hours to your applications – this definitely isn’t the most effective method. You’ll limit yourself to a smaller number of vacancies and won’t be able to see new roles as they come up. So, search as frequently as possible, and use daily email alerts to ensure you don’t miss out.
  3. Make sure your preferred sectors are accurate Whether it’s that you’re not 100% sure on your ideal job title, or you just want to be found by recruiters from outside your favoured industry, taking the time to edit your sector preferences should never be overlooked. As many jobs span different sectors, pigeonholing yourself into one area might just be limiting your results – regardless of your overall suitability.
  4. Start being specific – If you’re getting too many irrelevant results, it could be that your search is just not specific enough. Instead of wading through a large list to find the ones you want, consider narrowing your search. Sometimes a slight adjustment to simple things like location or adding in a few extra keywords can make a big difference to what’s available. 
  5. Online applications are not the only option – It’s important to have an online presence for when employers and hiring managers are researching their applicants, but the application doesn’t have to be online. Most companies do prefer having that as the primary method of application for their open positions, but there is still value in going out into the field. When you apply online, you may be successful, but you also might get lost in the shuffle because that’s how everyone is applying. 

Here’s a thing you could do to avoid being overlooked: Apply online, and then a few days later, give the company a call to ask if they received your application. While on the line, ask them a few questions about the job too. This will put you at the forefront in their mind. It will also prove to them that you are taking an interest in the job.