Supporting Ukrainian Refugees

Since Russia launched a full-scale military invasion into Ukraine on February 24, 2022, fighting has caused nearly three thousand civilian deaths and internally displaced more than seven million people, according to the United Nations. The conflict has forced another five million Ukrainians to flee to neighbouring countries-the majority of whom have arrived in Poland, a NATO country where the United States and other allies are helping to accommodate the influx of refugees.

As we learn about the growing war between Ukraine and Russia, we would like to spotlight two Jackson Hogg consultants and highlight the great work which they are doing, as they tell us about the ways in which they are supporting those whose who are vulnerable and those who are in need of help.

Anya Andrushkova, Managing Consultant – Engineering & Manufacturing – “I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine and moved over to the UK at the age of one, returning to visit Kyiv yearly. Hearing real experiences from close family members and watching the news stories on a daily basis, it has been an intense and emotional past few months. The support for Ukraine has been incredible to say the least with Poland and other neighbouring countries helping refugees fleeing the country.

Visiting the local Polish centres and seeing all the donations and volunteers has been incredible and overwhelming. My sister and I have had the privilege to meet with refugees being hosted and supported them with translation and general guidance, and we’ve mostly found they just wanted someone to have a chat with and talk about their experiences. Finding out that their children have been accepted by local schools and the extensive support they are receiving has been humbling to say the least.Seeing LinkedIn posts of everyone sharing content far and wide to help refugees into work has been really valuable and has shown how a community an come together during times of crisis. We were lucky enough to go and collect my grandma from Poland after crossing the Ukrainian border and bring her back to the UK to stay with my family. She has referred to the whole experience as like being in a movie – a truly surreal experience.

This kind of reaction goes to show that what we are doing goes such a long way – something past the point of what we will ever understand and hopefully will never have to witness again.”

Laurie Elder, Consultant – Finance – “It has been a devastating couple of months following the crisis in Ukraine. One of the most difficult parts of this situation is being able to easily witness the horrific events, through the news and social media, but feeling very powerless in being able to change the outcome or help those worst affected.

As such, at Jackson Hogg, we have aimed to do everything we can to offer support for the victims. We have raised money, donated clothing and other items to charities and met with refugees in the local area. Also, given the nature of our business, one way we know we really can make positive change is by supporting the job search of those new to the area.

I recently reached out to a woman who has moved to Hexham. This lady has 15 years finance experience, up to Chief Accountant level and is in the process of securing a role within finance in her new home.

I met with this woman and had a lovely chat around her situation, experience and what she is looking to secure and reassured we would do everything we can to help with her search.

I have already received a great response following reaching out to my immediate network and local contacts in accountancy practices and councils. It is incredibly reassuring to see the humane response from like minded individuals wanting to do everything they can to help.”