What we do in times of crisis will be remembered for a long time to come

Most of us have been reading the news over the last few weeks, with the health risks causing serious concern and the economic impact clear for us all to see, sparking significant fear. As a business we have come together and are now accepting of the current economic situation and have planned for it to remain, and even deteriorate, over the coming months (not a welcome thought!). Coming to that conclusion has provided some clarity and stability in a very unstable situation. Rather than having my head in the clouds, or in the middle of fighting fires and trying to guess the future, I have now begun to think about what we will find coming out of this crisis.

Aside from the majority of our contacts taking the view that home working is going to be embraced more enthusiastically, which I fully support, to me there is another very clear signal coming out of this crisis and that is who are the real partners and collaborators and how will our actions be remembered.

Jackson Hogg has one clear and central core value, care. We care about our clients and candidates, partners and our people. Trying to live out our values isn’t always easy in a commercial world, but we believe in them and we believe our true partners share very similar values and beliefs.

Something that has struck me is the thoughtful, kind and genuine support our clients, candidates and suppliers have shown us and it will remain with me. The people I’m referring to will be our partners for years to come, but it was the feeling I had after speaking with them that had the most impact. The profound feeling was so strong; I will never forget their actions and how they lived out their values by demonstrating care towards Jackson Hogg. Reflecting on this helped me realise our decisions, actions and reactions during difficult times will leave a lasting impression on our own people and our business partners.

As a result of trying to protect our balance sheet and to maintain the strength of our position prior to Covid-19, we have engaged with all suppliers and partners to bring cost reductions during the coming months, so we can share the financial burden. Of course we have lived out our own values when approaching this, not demanding a reduction but asking if they are able to help. The majority have been absolutely brilliant and guess what – we won’t forget their actions.

In summary; post Covid-19 we will not only see more home working and flexible working, we will see who the true partners are for our businesses. A real strength and depth in relationships will continue to develop, during and post Covid-19, and it will become clear who is interested in collaborating and partnering to share success and help carry the burden of challenge when it comes our way.

Finally, but most importantly, we will be remembered for the decisions we make during this crisis. Staying true to our beliefs and living out our core values is how I want to be known.

Stay safe and stay positive – this isn’t going to last for as long as our actions will be remembered.

Anthony Broadhead
COO – Jackson Hogg