Beautiful young couple is looking at each other, holding hands and smiling during their date in a restaurant

Why recruitment is like dating – part 1. Ghosting

Picture this, you’re on a tinder date, and you arrive to find your hot date’s picture was obviously from ten years ago. The ‘Happy New Year 2010’ in the background should’ve given it away, but you just thought it was an ironic twenty-teens themed party, replete with emo-styling and dodgy haircuts.  Swift exit out the back door and you never see them again. Two years down the line you cross paths with them. You’re stunned. Taken aback. They’ve drastically improved. You try to get yourself back in there with your tried and true one-liners but alas, they’ve moved onto someone with better manners. And better detective skills. 

The experience can be exactly the same in recruitment – you read a fantastic job spec, the company seems good, but the interview process is trash, or they aren’t looking to pay what you’re wanting. So, you ignore. Don’t get in touch with your recruiter or anyone from the company again. You see the phone calls and let them go to voicemail. You hate speaking on the phone anyway. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, does it? There’s thousands of companies out there, and thousands of other recruiters. It’s not a good option for you so why would you entertain it? Fast forward 4 years – you come across the company again and they’ve massively upgraded; they’ve exceeded their business plans and gone from strength to strength. So what do you do? Well, of course, you apply. You want to get back in there, you put yourself forward but the door slams harder in your face than Tyson Fury’s glove on his opponent’s jaw. Why? Because you simply didn’t leave on good terms. You ghosted the recruiter after they chased you numerous times, they advised the client to go with another option.  

They moved on.  

I get it, picking up the phone seems like a chore and who can be bothered with small talk and awkward conversations, but recruiters put in the initial chat, set up the first date (the first interview), they put in the groundwork in between (interview preps, catch ups) all with the intention of a long-term relationship (job offer), they surely deserve a call to let them know it’s not a fit or you aren’t keen.  

Ghosting doesn’t benefit anyone in this situation. My advice to you would be – don’t ghost, a simple call will do. If you can keep the door open your future self may well thank you!