1: Initial Meeting


When we work with you, we see ourselves as an extension of your organisation and want to sell your company vision to candidates throughout the process. We want to get to know your organisation, your culture and your objectives for the future. This allows us to ensure we are providing you with the best candidates to fit your overall objectives.

Step 2

2: Research


At Jackson Hogg we conduct a thorough, methodical and targeted search across the region to ensure we are providing you with the best candidates for the position.

Step 3

3: Meet candidates


Meeting candidates is a crucial part of our recruitment process. It is at this stage that we really get to know the people we represent. We aim to not only understand their career to date but their strengths, weaknesses, culture and their motivations and aspirations for the future. This allows us to truly advise clients on whether they will be a correct fit for the role.

Step 4

4: Present shortlist


At shortlist stage, we will provide you with a shortlist of candidates that fit the brief, who can do the role and are interested in working for your organisation. The shortlist will have detailed notes that will be delivered in person, so there can be a review around each candidate and why we feel they are a fit for the role.

Step 5

5: Offer management


Given the robust process that will be undertaken, we will be working closely with candidates to understand their requirements and expectations, and we will communicate these to you clearly from an early stage. We continually check expectations throughout the process so the offer stage is as smooth as possible, we also ensure there is a clear match culturally and an understanding of candidates’ drivers, which helps increase the likelihood of acceptance the 1st time round.

Step 6

6: On-boarding


An often-overlooked part of the process, Jackson Hogg is particularly strong in this stage of the process. We will contact both the client and successful candidate continually through any notice period to ensure a smooth transition. In addition to that, we make contact after the first day, week and the first three months on both sides to be sure all parties are happy. If, in the unlikely event, someone isn’t happy during this stage we will communicate with both sides to resolve the situation for the better of all parties, making sure we manage difficult situations up front.

Whether your business is expanding or you are looking to replace a member of staff, we understand how important it is to recruit someone with the skills, personality traits and the talent to take your business forward.

We pride ourselves on getting to truly know our clients and their business. Coupled with our industry knowledge and extensive network, this means that we can introduce you to targeted candidates with the correct qualifications and behaviours to suit your organisational objectives.

Organisations are constantly changing and businesses of all sizes and all industries are increasingly looking beyond their conventional model of hiring and including interim professionals as part of their recruitment strategy.

Whether you need to attract talent to oversee upcoming projects, to facilitate change or temporarily fill a key position in your organisation we can provide candidates on an interim basis.

Jackson Hogg have specialist consultants focusing on the Interim market to ensure that clients have access to the correct talent to not only sustain but to grow their businesses.

Our search function encompasses three main areas:

Research Projects:
In challenging markets, it is essential for clients to have a full picture of the markets they are operating in. Our dedicated research function provides clients with detailed reports on candidates to aid their recruitment processes and talent strategy. We provide In-depth insights into availability and quality of talent in specific markets and regions.

Talent Mapping:
Using our extensive network, sector expertise, and creative approach to research we provide our clients with in-depth research and analysis of the availability and quality of talent within their geographical reach. We work with clients to map out talent in similar or competing companies or sectors enabling clients to analyse their internal talent, determine future talent needs and create strategic talent strategies to support their growth.

At Jackson Hogg, we understand that recruiting the correct talent is essential for your business. Our team of industry experts conduct a thorough, methodical and targeted search to ensure you are presented with an accurate selection of candidates that could transform your business.

We work with clients to develop a candidate brief, and utilising our extensive networks, sector expertise and creative approach to research we ensure no stone is left unturned when searching for the right candidate for our clients.

Our relationship-driven approach means we get to know the candidates we represent and their motivations and aspirations for the future.  Understanding candidate’s drivers and culture enables us to identify talent that will not only fit your company objectives but transform your organisation.


WH Partnership have been undergoing a significant change programme, that has resulted in us needing a number of highly specialised people. Jackson Hogg initially worked with us in securing our Operations Director, before then supporting recruitment on a wider basis across our technical and commercial teams. With regional and national knowledge their network is exceptional, in particular they have the ability to ensure we hire good people that they can reference for us, not only because we demand the best but because they want our business to have the best and succeed. Our relationship continues to develop and we look forward to a long partnership with Jackson Hogg.

Ian Lichfield CEO WHP