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Mental Health in the Workplace

Ways to maintain healthy mental health while in the workplace


    Posted June 25, 2024

    Researchers estimate that 15% of working-age adults have a mental disorder at any point in time, with over 301 million people living with anxiety – many of whom are in work. They believe that mental health conditions are costing the global economy around £500 million each year, so it’s critical for employers to think about mental health in their organisation. Many organisations already recognise the value of supporting their employee’s mental health through their lifestyle benefits. More than eight in ten employees say their employers provide at least one mental health offering, but those employees also say that they wish that their employer did more. I’m going to take you through what we are doing at Jackson Hogg to support our employee’s mental health. With our core value of care being central to what we do, it is important to us that this is reflected in our day-to-day actions. Therefore, alongside other initiatives, we encourage our employees to practise Random Acts of Kindness, at least once a week. This could be anything from opening a door, making a drink for a colleague, checking in on loved ones or colleagues, giving a colleague in a different team praise, donating clothes to charity, complimenting someone, leaving an anonymous kind note, or donating to a foodbank – the options are endless. Alongside our focus on mental health, we have been supporting mental health matters as one of our main charities. We have been hosting various events such as football events and bake sales in order to raise money for such great charities. Here at Jackson Hogg, we are going to suggest ways that you can help your mental health this winter. Talk One of the best ways to combat depression is to know you are not alone. The Rock once said, “You’re not alone, you’re not the first to go through it, you’re not going to be the last to go through it.” Speak to your manager about it in your 1-2-1, reach out to a therapist or speak to a friend as the worst way to deal with poor mental health is not talking as this will never lead to a positive outcome. Continue progressing toward big goals It’s often necessary to revisit priorities and alter objectives as needed, especially to stay motivated. It may be to hit your KPIs or place your next candidate. Although this is helpful, and often necessary, try not to allow short-term solutions to completely replace long-term goals. Even when time doesn’t allow you to work toward them as much as you’d like, find small ways to continue moving towards big-picture ambitions. Get enough sleep Typical adults need 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night. Failing to achieve this on a regular basis can impact energy, mood and motivation. Studies suggest a strong correlation between sleep deprivation to insomnia and clinical depression. Ensuring the body receives enough time to rest and reboot through the night is crucial for mental health. Consume a healthy diet When we view the food we eat as fuel for our body, it becomes a little easier to make healthy choices. Substances from processed food can be harmful to the brain. Multiple studies have found a link between a diet high in refined sugar and mood disorders, such as depression. This is why it’s key for us to eat foods which are rich in nutrients so that we feel good. Exercise frequently Individuals who work out on a regular basis tend to enjoy better health both physically and mentally. Exercise improves cognitive function, and our quality of sleep and helps people maintain a healthy weight. All of these, along with the brain’s release of mood-enhancing endorphins contribute to higher self-esteem and overall better mental health.

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