Research Services

Great research helps you see the path ahead.

It helps you consider new trends, spot opportunities, and keep your business ahead of the curve.

Jackson Hogg offers research services that help you see the big picture, and the important details. We hire and develop people that understand your industries inside out, and work with you to excel.

Our research services can give you high-level and granular insights into your markets, to help you develop better recruitment strategies.


We help you build talent pipelines you can rely on to meet your short, medium and long-term hiring needs.

With our Talent Mapping and Talent Pipeline services, you can:

  • Get a better understanding of the spread of talent in various markets
  • Locate talent in related markets
  • Prepare better so that you can attract the best candidates

We offer real-time insight that can help you re-shape your approach to finding the best talent.


How do you make sure you stand out to great talent?

We can offer market research which shows you where you stand, including:
Talent Engagement Strategies that help you consider how to make yourself attractive to the right people, and find people that share your values and goals.
Salary Surveys that give you an insight into creating the right offer for the best professionals.

Our research team works closely with companies to make sure they’re branding themselves effectively, and offering a package that fits the role.


You need the right data to make the right decisions.

Our Talent Insights team will give you the information you want to reduce risk and improve your strategic planning. This may include insights such as:
Competitor mapping
Geographical data
Organisation structures, and more
We provide real-life, real-time data that’s tailored to your ambitions, whether you’re analysing your competition, considering new markets, or opening a new office.

Our research services are tailored to your needs, and match your standards and ambitions. Get in touch today to tell us what you need to excel.