Meet the Team


Fern Couchman

Recruitment Director

Joel Brown

Associate Director - Talent Partnership

Steph Grieve

Associate Director - Research

Aoife Owens

Associate Director - People

Lauren Bathan

Associate Director - HR Partnership


Charlie Muzzlewhite

Head of Engineering (Technical)

Kristi Porter

Team Leader - Science

Zoe McLone

Senior Consultant - Chemical & Polymers

Eleanor Buckley

Senior Consultant - Mechanical Engineering (Infrastructure)

William Killeen

Senior Consultant - Engineering

Alex Roney

Senior Consultant - Mechanical Engineering (Product)

Eleni Avgenaki

Consultant - Specialist Engineering

Tom Phillips

Consultant - Engineering

Sean Brick

Consultant - Engineering

International search

Joe Ezzard

Head of Life Science - CDMO/CRO

Becky Bradnam

Global Sector Lead - Renewables

Marcus Tutin

Sector Lead - Chemical Engineering

Alex Mason

Head of International (Leeds) - Water & Environment

Jacob Raddings

Sector Lead - Future Mobility

Lexie Stratford

Managing Consultant - Life Science

Katy Ashdown

Managing Consultant - Finance

Ruairidh Barr

Principal Consultant - Automation

Ben Westhead

Senior Consultant - Pharma & Biotech

Tori Ball

Senior Consultant - FemTech & Womens Health

George Asher

Senior Consultant - Water & Clean Tech

Beth McParlin

Associate Consultant - International


Jake Richardson

Head of Operations & Supply Chain

Richard Lister

Sector Lead - Facilities Management

Skye Madden

Managing Consultant - Supply Chain

Jack Bowers

Managing Consultant - Operations

Andrew Lockey

Principal Consultant - UK Engineering & Maintenance

Gemma Yeadon

Principal Consultant - Supply Chain

Sian Dockerill

Principal Consultant - Logistics

Mathew Johnson

Team Leader - Industrial

Adam Harrison

Senior Consultant - Operations & QHSE

Finn McCrystal

Senior Consultant - Operations & Manufacturing

Georgia McNulty

Senior Consultant - Supply Chain

Jack Corlett

Consultant - Maintenance

James Dexter

Consultant - Industrial

Adam Wall

Consultant - Supply Chain

Amy Stewart

Consultant - Engineering & Manufacturing

HR, Business Support & Commercial

Jo Blewitt

Head of HR, Business Support & Commercial

Sarah Kelly

Sector Lead - Commercial

Grace Airey

Team Leader - Commercial

Rachel Allan

Senior Consultant - Commercial

Kate Forster

Consultant - Commercial

Olivia Walker

Consultant - Business Support

Tyler Armstrong

Consultant - Marketing & Digital


Jennifer Thompson (née Rankin)

Head of Finance

Yanis Johnstone

Managing Consultant - Finance

Lisa Hargreaves

Team Leader - Finance

Laurie Elder

Team Leader - Finance

Aaron Morris

Senior Consultant - Finance

Stella Jones

Consultant - Finance

Lauren Appleyard

Consultant - Finance

Delenn Best

Consultant - Finance

Owen Brown

Consultant - Finance

Talent Partnership

Joel Brown

Associate Director - Talent Partnership

Matthew Brown

Commercial Relationship Manager

Jodie Coulthard

Managing Talent Partner

Sara Walker

Managing Talent Partner

Lyndsay Murray

Managing Talent Partner

Matt Robson

Senior Talent Partner

Martin Flett

Senior Talent Partner

Kate Emanuel

Senior Talent Partner

HR Partnership

People & HR

Aoife Owens

Associate Director - People

Hannah Weeks

Senior People Officer

Alexandra Rippon

Senior Internal Talent Acquisition Specialist

Aimee Downey

Internal Talent Acquisition Specialist


Jack Roberts

Marketing Manager

David Bracknell

Graphic Designer

Jamie MacDonald

Marketing Executive - SEO & Analytics


Suzanne Lowes

Senior Finance & Contract Coordinator